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Kate has been named as Triad Stage's new Executive Director.

View Kate's Reel HERE, courtesy of Reel Closeup.


Kate completed a run as Stage Manager on Less Than Rent's dystopian fantasy The Panic of '29 which ran off-Broadway at 59E59 Theatre.

Kate has begun her Ph.D. studies in Arts Administration at the University of Kentucky (remotely).

Kate has made several return engagements to guest host on the Podcast "Killing Your Darlings." check out the links below or wherever you get your podcasts.

"The material is so raw and poignant, and Kate’s performance so intense, that I left the theater feeling somewhat like an emotional dishrag." - Julia L. Exline, DC Metro Theatre Arts

"As Mrs. Mister, Kate Holland was not at all like Mrs. Individual #1. Be that as it may, she was very funny, and her remarkable shift between a stylized society matron and a brain-washed Professor Trixie was so well done that I didn’t realize she was the same person until I started writing this review." - Jan Ewing, Hi! Drama

"[It] could be tempting to play her big and devolve into camp. Luckily, [Holland] doesn't take the bait. Her Zelda is manic, then full of despair, and well-paced and well-rendered."- Brook Hatfield, Washington City Paper 

"Kate has a unique ability to connect and communicate with a wide range of artists, unifying everyone to a central vision." - Hana Sharif, Artistic Director, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

"...She brings an immense passion for educating and mentoring aspiring artists and encouraging them to explore their own artistic journeys." - Mark Lanks, Lighting Designer "Glory Days"

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